In an environment associated with reggae music I am known as Matty Dread. I am a fan of reggae music, collector and archivist of this genre for over 19 years...Everything happened in small town Chmielno (Poland) from Jacob Miller's song "We A Rockers". During this time I've collected over 1200 movie files about Reggae music, Jamaica and RastafarI. It is my passion, which I spend every free moment. Through this time I established many contacts with people from all over the world with similar interests, organizers of festivals, music journalists, promoters, and reggae artists. My passion is also guided by the aim "Music should be heard by as many people as possible", and it is also my motto. 

I was able to send to lots of people music in various forms, won in this  way new, closer or further musical friends.  I also try to encourage the display and show reggae movies on reggae music festivals in Poland. I became last year a film maker and editor, realizing my own idea for a musical document. I hope to carry out the next part of this project. Forward ever backwards never...